"Design Driven" Venture Foundry

Design Better, Succeed Faster, Fail Never.


Who we are, where we come from, how we work.

We are designers with exceptional technical, technological, business and communication skills, with a very long and solid experience.

We have been designing and developing products, services and processes for companies and organizations of all sizes and sectors for more than 30 years, combining creativity and technology in design.

Since 2007 we have started to dedicate a significant part of our time to startups, participating and contributing to events, contests and workshops, incubation and acceleration programs.

We are active and recognized members of the national and international venture business ecosystem and continuously interact with founders, business angels, advisors and VCs, and institutions.

Startalia operates as a venture foundry, with headquarters in Rome and contacts in Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Miami and New York.

Startalia works according to the P I D T  principles of its own design.