It takes many different skills and a lot of work to create and grow a startup: a mix of design, creative, engineering, management, and human resource-related know-how.

Each stage of the birth, development, launch, and growth of a startup may require different skills and capabilities, including in terms of quantity and intensity, and especially in the early stages, not all of them are present in the startup team. For this reason, we are always ready to welcome into our network other Mentors and Advisors who are highly motivated to collaborate on the success of Startalia startups.

We select with great care the Mentors and Advisors to collaborate with: it is not only a question of expertise, but of experience and human qualities.

An important point: every skill (even the "soft" ones), every minute of work, has a definite value, also and especially economic value. And this means, to begin with, that we do not have "informal" relationships with our Mentors and Advisors: collaboration with Startalia is contractualized. 

Every Startalia Mentor and Advisor is committed to a precise code of conduct, protecting the information exchanged and safeguarding against any possible conflict of interest.


Apply now as a Mentor or Advisor

The call is always open for Mentors and Advisors with expertise in these areas:

Design Thinking, Service Design, UX Design, Visual Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Interaction Design, Web Design.


Software Architecture, Software Development, Hybrid Cloud Computing, AI and Machine Learning, Robotics, Materials Technologies, Electronic Circuit Design, Algorithm Design.


Marketing of International Markets, Optimization of Industrial Processes, Human Resources, Creation and Management of Distribution Networks and Channels.


We are also happy to receive self-nominations for any other areas of expertise (including unconventional) related to the business sectors of startups Made in Startalia