The "social" aspect of a startup is critical to its development, starting with strong relationships with the ecosystem.

We make every effort to ensure that the startups we incubate have opportunities and possibilities to initiate and consolidate relationships and synergies with other startups, get exposure in digital and classic media, and meet potential partners and investors.

We believe strongly in the value of the startup ecosystem seen as interaction, dialogue and collaboration, and indeed in 2012 we were among the co-founders of Roma Startup.

Of course, we are talking about valuable projects, with points of contact and complementarities of mutual interest and competitive advantage. Every year we organize several informal meetings (and some less informal ones, for smaller groups and technical topics), from which all our stakeholders come out enriched by the experience.

Good reading and learning are always an excellent starting point for any new project and any new venture, which is why we created the STARTUP BOOK CLUB, with the purpose of reading together and sharing insights, reflections and thinking about books, articles and publications on the topic of startups and venture business more generally.

You may have heard about our STARTUP BBQ, a summer event (but we have also done winter ones and even one with snow in Rome, the opportunity was exceptional and had to be seized) that is a format created and run by us that has become an important fixture on the event calendar for startups in Rome and beyond.

We have activated a new STARTUP MERENDA format for which we maintain a monthly frequency. Two hours of informal meeting, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Are you a startup founder or thinking about it? Do you have an opportunity in mind to meet, learn, share and don't have the space to do it? Let's talk about it. If we like the program and it is compatible with the availability of our space, we can host the event and give you organizational and technical support.