Don't have your own startup yet but want to create it or join the team of a startup Made in Startalia?

If you feel you have the skills, the makings and the strength of a founder or co-founder, don't waste time, contact us now.

Being a startup is not like working in an ordinary company, large, medium or small: it is completely different and requires a specific aptitude, great energy and "horizontal" skills without which one cannot make a truly decisive contribution.

Skills are not enough, of course you need them and they must be first-rate, but you also need more. One needs to be able to work in teams, often on pressing tasks, be a multiplier of limited resources (and never as ample as one would like) to go at the speed that building a startup requires.

A startup is not a place where you stroll carefree but where you all run in the same direction-with a heavy backpack on your shoulders-and are always hungry and thirsty. Mind you, nothing romantic (we are not in a fiction or in the movies...), it is the startup model itself that works like this: big dreams, big ideas, big ambition, big effort, always tight timeframes to figure out, to create and to design, a big pressure to accomplish everything before and better than others.

The risk of not succeeding, at least on paper, is very high, failure lurking for a hundred reasons: the role of Startalia is to guide and assist founders along an optimized path, reducing as much as possible the waste of energy and risk of mistakes.