At Startalia, we create, incubate and accelerate startups and spin-offs that innovate the way we learn, work and produce, develop relationships, spend leisure time, eat and stay fit and healthy, while respecting people and the environment.

Startalia's first mission is to make Design become the startup's guide and traveling companion, to design well, build success quickly, and ensure that the journey is never a failure.

To bring the project to success at maximum speed, optimizing costs and zeroing in on execution problems, Startalia offers incubated and accelerated startups a full range of innovative venture services, such as Forge Venture Program modules or on-demand.

We are happy to incubate startups from countries other than Italy that intend to establish and operate in Italy and Europe, as well as to have as co-founders from other countries join startups Made in Startalia. Startalia offers comprehensive support services to non-Italian founders and startups that intend to apply for a STARTUP-VISA or participate in incentive measures of the Italian government and other public entities for foreign startups.

The main verticals in which Startalia operates:

Education and Learning

Tourism, Culture and Entertainment

Creativity, Media and Communication


Automotive and Smart Mobility

Healthcare, Sport & Wellness

Retail and Logistics

HR and Company Welfare

Quick Contact

To get more information about Startalia, its startups and services offered, get assistance with a project, or explore the possibility of collaborating call us at 06 3035 6308 or use the contact form

Startalia is a Venture Foundry

We are a team of designers with exceptional technical, technological, business and communication skills with a long and solid experience in innovation and innovative entrepreneurship.
We operate according to the actual needs of the venture project, as an incubator or accelerator, as an advisor in venture deals, as a technical partner of company spin-offs or co-founder of ambitious startups, startups Made-in-Startalia or Startalia-inside.