We create, incubate and accelerate startups and spin-offs that innovate the way we learn, work and produce, develop relationships, spend leisure time, eat and stay fit and healthy, while respecting people and the environment.

Idea, Potential, Team, Execution.

Building startups is not easy and it is not for everyone. You need speed but not to be in a hurry, passion but steady nerves and the ability to think clearly, you need great resources but you cannot waste a minute or a euro.

You need skills, competence, ambition, determination, commitment and stamina. A good team is critical, as is choosing the right partners at every stage of the startup's birth and growth.

Evaluating a startup and its prospect for success is a critical activity. Each industry player has its own criteria, and startup founders may not always have a clear idea of what the incubator or accelerator is looking for and wants to find.

We like to be clear and transparent about this as well: the evaluation of applications sent to Startalia is done according to articulated criteria, which take into account individually and as a whole the many aspects of the project using qualitative and quantitative parameters.

To do this, we have studied and fine-tuned (with work that has taken time and great commitment) our evaluation matrices, which we apply with rigor and precision, We then share the result with the candidate startup, which in this way still has (even when the application is not accepted) a complete and timely report.

Each project is obviously unique, each team is unique, and so there is always opportunity and room for "exceptions to the rule" from our general guidelines, which are described below:

Although STARTALIA has no preclusions (except as specified below), it considers these areas of greater interest:

    • - Education and Learning
    • - Business Networking and Matching
    • - Social and environmental sustainability
    • - Media (digital and non-digital), Communication and Audiovisual
    • - Agri-Food-Tech
    • - HoReCa and Retail
    • - Artificial Intelligence (AI, IA, Machine Learning, etc.)
    • - Process Management
    • - HR and Company Welfare
    • - Automotive and Smart Mobility
    • - Energy and Renewable resources
    • - Fashion and Lifestyle
    • - Healthcare, Sport & Wellness.


They are of no interest to Startalia and therefore not positively evaluated:

- Gambling, betting and lotteries.
- In general, projects with low or dubious social and environmental sustainability, projects that use unskilled labor or to whom adequate compensation for the task cannot be guaranteed.

The project must have at least Value Proposition, Customer and Revenue well defined and clear at the time of application. Validation activities are usually part of the incubation process.

The project must have characteristics that are attractive to potential investors as early as the pre-seed and seed stage: Scalability and Profitability in the medium term are essential requirements.

Barring exceptions in the case of particularly good project ideas, to be incubated the startup must have a team consistent with the project to be implemented, already at the time of application. The ideal team has the potential to implement the pilot (or prototype) of the project or at least produce a "model" of it using only in-house skills. Startalia will supplement the necessary skills with its own Designers, Mentors, Advisors, and trusted collaborators or consultants, but cannot replace the team in key roles except in specific cases and for a designated time period.

All projects submitted to STARTALIA are studied and evaluated (as previously indicated) by a minimum of two internal evaluators, after hearing the opinions of consultants specialized in the specific field of activity. At the time of application, the submission of a Business Plan is not mandatory, instead a Business Brief summarizing the points indicated and allowing a clear vision of the project is sufficient.

At the time of application it is not required that the startup has implemented an MVP.